Installation & updates

Installing from Pypi

RAPOC can be installed from the Pypi repository with the following script:

pip install rapoc

Installing from git

RAPOC may also be cloned from the main git repository:

git clone

The next step is to move into the RAPOC folder:

cd /your_path/Rapoc


pip install .

To check if one has the correct setup:

python -c "import rapoc"

Uninstall Rapoc

RAPOC is installed in your system as a standard python package: to uninstall it completely:

pip uninstall rapoc

Update Rapoc

Update from Pypi

To update RAPOC to the latest stable version:

pip install rapoc -upgrade

Update from source

One can download or pull a newer version of RAPOC over the old one, replacing all modified data.

Then one has to place themselves inside the installation directory within the console:

cd /your_path/Rapoc

RAPOC can now be updated:

pip install . --upgrade

or simply:

pip install .